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Free to read: Lucian J Hudson's article in CRJ 15.2

Posted on 2nd July 2020 at 15:23pm

Click here to read for free CRJ Advisory Panel Member, Lucian J Hudson's article, 'Covid-19: the case for a timely, independent lessons learnt inquiry', which features in the latest edition of CRJ, Volume 15, Issue 2.  

Governments can be criticised for their leadership, strategy, delivery and ability to take their societies with them. Verdicts on the handling of the Covid-19 crisis in the UK are already being proffered. The UK Government has carried broad support for introducing a lockdown, but easing it has proved more problematic and contentious, Hudson says. 

His article argues for an independent inquiry as soon as a reasonable distance can be achieved from current events, but not for a deferral of more than six or so months, as any findings could be rendered irrelevant with the passage of too much time. Several areas require focus, including:

  • Quantity and quality of information and insight available
  • Basis for decision-making and range of policy considerations
  • Review of ongoing implementation and use of learning
  • to inform further decisions
  • Communications and engagement

Above all, according to Hudson, the usual cry, ‘Never again’, cannot be left in a vacuum.

Government, business, civil society, universities and the media need to forge a new social contract that requires national threats to be reviewed regularly and visibly, the public is kept informed about risks and how to respond, and contingency planning is robust and given a higher order of priority in government and in board rooms.

Thumbnail: Art created jointly by Ângela Oyafuso and Suzy Sakano, who made the illustrations, under the guidance of Eunice Liu. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives - help stop the spread of COVID-19

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