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Dr Tony Jaques

Dr Tony JaquesDr Tony Jaques is an internationally-recognised authority on issue and crisis management and Director of Melbourne-based Issue Outcomes Pty Ltd, which audits corporate issue and crisis management processes to help organisations identify and prioritise potential crises.

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May 2023: Lawyers are involved in just about every serious organisational crisis. Yet how much specific training do they receive about their role in a crisis as part of a cross-functional response team asks Tony Jaques
February 2023: Tony Jaques talks about the use of few focused words at the time of crisis as the key to effective communication
With cyber-attacks in the headlines, a new report provides a gloomy reminder of the deep and long-lasting impact when things go wrong in public corporations, says Tony Jaques
July 2022: Accepting responsibility and liability very early on is a critical aspect of effective crisis response, which can aid the victims’ healing and compensation process, says Tony Jaques
January 2022: Movie Director Joss Whedon has given what must be the most ill-judged interview during a reputational crisis since Prince Andrew’s notorious television disaster. Tony Jaques investigates
January 2022: Tony Jaques explains how a school tragedy that occurred in Tasmania and a water-ride disaster in Queensland demonstrate ‘issue contagion’ – the rapid spread of a crisis throughout organisations
Boards and individual directors are now in the crosshairs when their organisation is battered by an operational crisis or high-profile issue, writes Tony Jaques
Pandemic deaths have numbed our humanity and perception of risk, says Tony Jaques. On one terrible day in December, Covid-19 deaths on a single day in the United States – for the first time – exceeded the death toll from the terrorist attack on 9/11
Why would a high-profile company think it was a smart idea to launch a hashtag asking customers and the public to share photos and messages about how much they love the brand? Recent history is littered with the corpses of such epic social media fails, ye
Customers and employees say they want companies to take a stand on high-profile social and political issues. But that can come with a costly downside, says Dr Tony Jaques.
Any organisation that imagines that a business continuity plan makes it ‘crisis prepared’ is due for a big and costly surprise, says Dr Tony Jaques Crisis management should be recognised as both a tactical and a strategic responsibility, which extends fa
A new study at Harvard has revealed a shocking statistic: CEOs spent just one per cent of their time working on crisis management. That’s pretty disturbing, considering nothing destroys reputation or market value faster than a crisis, writes Dr Tony Jaque
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Tony Jaques,Dr Tony Jaques
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