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Volume 3  Issue 2 

3-2INCIDENT REPORTS: Underground train crash in Rome; Polonium-210 incident; Fireworks blast in East Sussex

EVACUATION: To run or to hide?; Car-less evacuation

FEATURES: Addressing the fireworks issue; Victim support; Managing threats to aviation; Civil contingencies; Preparing for a pandemic; Implementing Rapid Reflection Forces; Book review; The EU – sharing information; The future of fire in Europe

IN DEPTH: Foundations of emergency management: The machine that goes ‘ping’; Command at large scale emergencies; Making sense of IT; Management of flood emergencies; Canine operations; Psychosocial crisis intervention

DISCUSSION: Safety of temporary structures; Are disasters rapid onset events?

EVENTS: European event, IDER and calendar

PARTNER PAGES: New standard in PPE decontamination; Command solutions; Crisis classified

LESSONS LEARNED: Mapping information

AUTHORS: Alessandro Paola; Liz Morgan-Lewis; Nick Wilkinson; John Tesh; Todd Litman; Dr Ben M G Janssen; Lina Kolesnikova; Andy Blackwell; Andy Marshall; Kevin Probert-Ehaver; Pierre Béroux, Xavier Guilhou and Patrick Lagadec; Commissioner Frank Straub; Fiorella Perotto; Dennis Davis; Alejandro Lopez Carresi; Peter Power; Jonas Landgren and Urban Nulden; David Lane; Chris Pritchard and Keith Hampton; Major Erik De Soir; René Hagen; Adrian Meja; Nicole Gomez


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