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Emily Hough 

emily hough

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Emily Hough is Editor in Chief of Crisis Response Journal, which she launched 13 years ago. She works both in print and online, specialising in international publishing, events and conferences, mainly in the fields of disaster and crisis management.

Emily has founded and organised high-level conferences and seminars in the resilience and response field, identifying global trends and anticipating future hazard scenarios.

She has chaired, spoken at, moderated, acted as rapporteur and helped to curate numerous international events, including: The 22nd OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum in Vienna, Austria, (2014); the United Nations Global Platform in Geneva, Switzerland (2013); UNISDR Heritage and Resilience event in Venice, Italy (2012); several European Commission Civil Protection Forums, Brussels, Belgium; several IDER conferences (Rome, Italy; Brussels, Belgium); Floodfighters; National Risk; Counter-Terror Expo; Milipol (Paris and Qatar) and events at the Royal United Services Institute and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Wilton Park.

Emily has initiated and overseen the launches of specialist, academic and news-led print and online publications in English and other languages; was a founder member of City Security and Resilience Networks (CSARN), and has edited and published various books within the emergency response, management and analysis sectors.

Before launching CRJ, she worked in publishing and conferences within the Fire and Rescue sector, reporting on fire service and humanitarian activities from around the world, including military operations in Bosnia and Kosovo, work in the settlements and squatter camps in South Africa, firefighter training in Peru and Argentina, and numerous other countries.

Her focus remains on developing links with people around the globe, and reporting internationally to raise awareness of resilience and disaster prevention initiatives; she also strives to highlight forgotten disasters and to identify overlooked or new hazards, and ways of mitigating their effects.

Emily is a Director of Crisis Management Ltd, which owns the Crisis Response Journal. 

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