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Volume 6  Issue 4

6-4INCIDENT REPORTS:  Complex collapse rescue; Chile mine rescue; Toxic torrent sweeps through towns; Forest fire claims 44 lives

INTERVIEWS: On the front-line of Europe’s response; Working with communities; Airport safety in Beirut; Life after FiReControl

FEATURES: Severe snow-storms; Moscow air transport collapse; Fire policy development; Satellites: an information leap

URBAN RESILIENCE: Technology for smarter cities; Planning-in resilience against terrorism; Community involvement; Urban disaster reduction: a case study; Making cities resilient; Disaster risks in urban areas and cities

IN DEPTH: Multi-agency readiness for CBRN; Wildfires in the Euro-Alpine Region; Password authentication

REGULAR SECTIONS: Events; Books; EU Civil Protection; Lessons learnt

AUTHORS: R C Sharma; Hilary Phillips; Emily Hough; Jay Levinson; Kristalina Georgieva; Bernd Noggler; Carl Rizk; Kevin Probert-Ehaver; Lina Kolesnikova; Dennis Davis; Einar Bjorgo; to Mostafa Mohaghegh; Vahid Hosseinijenab and Bijan Daftari; Tau?ka Ophiyandri and Dilanthi Amaratunga; Jon Coaffee; Andy Oppenheimer; Eva Valese; Jason Hart


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